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Talossan Joint Chiefs of Staff Act

Whereas, a great many active Talossans are skilled/interested in or obsessed with the art of warfare, and Whereas national defence demands eternal viglance and has become increasingly important in this world of terrorism, strife and uncertainty, Therefore the Cosâ hereby establishes a Talossan military hierarchy as follows, to be called the "Joint Chiefs of Staff, Kingdom of Talossa" (JCSRT)" Commander-in-Chief of the Talossan Armed Forces (King/Regent; currently King Robert I) Minister of Defence (appointed by current PM; currently Wes Erni) Chief of Staff, Army (General Wes Erni, currently) Chief of Staff, Air Force (currently vacant) Chief of Staff, Navy (currently held by Mercenary Admiral Kurt Litscher) Chief of Staff, Marine Corps (currently vacant, but see subsequent bill!) The King is hereby entitled to come up with official Talossan language equivalents of the above titles and offices. Each C of S is appointed by the Cosâ, which alone grants ranks of office. C of S's have direct direct control over tactics, doctrinw, commands (but only the Cosâ grants rank!). The entire military command structure must at all times fully comply with existing RT civilian law.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi)

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