Law:The Glitzy State Opening of the Cosâ Act

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The Glitzy State Opening of the Cosâ Act

Whereas, Talossa revolves around its government, and Whereas, parties and get-togethers are a successful way of promoting Talossan national togetherness, the Cosâ hereby recommends strongly the following visionary proposal: Future elections shall be followed, when practical, by an official Living Cosâ which shall be styled the "State Opening of the Cosâ." At the Staet Opening, the PM shall read his Speech to the Nation and the Leader of the Opposition shall have a chance to rebut. A Living Cosâ shall be carried out at the same time, on the Government's first Clark. At the start of the State Opening, the new PM will be sworn in publicly. The State Opening shall feature food, drink, and as many Talossans as possible will be invited to attend.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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