2012/L2 The Fiôván Culture Law (Fiova)

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This law is currently

Sponsored by: Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN

Approved by:
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Date: 8 August 2012/XXXIII
Enacted: 8 August 2012/XXXIII

Fiôvâ Provincial Chancery
  1. The Government of Fiovă establishes itself as the heir to and preserver of the cutural patrimony of the Talossan Republic (2004-2012).
  2. The Provincial Anthem of Fiovă shall consist of words written in whole or part by a Fiôván, and set to the music of "Fiume", by Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson.
  3. In addition to the national holidays of Talossa, the provincial holidays of Fiovă shall be:
    1. January 13: Yennaer
    2. the first Tuesday occurring after February 19 until February 28: La Carlevà Fiôván
    3. April 1: Ziuâ d'iêns Regeu për 'n Ziuâ
    4. June 1: Ziuâ dàl Revoluziun
    5. Sept 26: Ziuâ dels Ereux Talossáes és Fiôváes / Ziuâ da Penguinea
  4. The Government of Fiovă supports, as a full and valid alternative, the preservation and codification of the orthography and grammar of the Talossan Language as used before the Arestadâ of 2007/XXVIII.
  5. The Government of Fiovă shall gift the sash formerly worn by the President of the Talossan Republic to the National Archives of Talossa, with the understanding that the King of Talossa shall wear it as part of the Royal Regalia, in particular on June 1 and December 26.
  6. The Government of Fiovă shall take on responsibility for the archiving of the websites and forums of the Talossan Republic, and for making their content as available to historians as is compatible with the privacy rights of contributors.
  7. The “Citizens Lounge” and “Landing Pier” forums on Witt-XII will be kept functional until they are replaced by new webforums providing
    1. a private forum for Talossans only;
    2. an open forum for communication between Talossans and non-Talossans of good will.