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The Naming of Cantons Act

Talossa consists of 15 sub-provincial units called (since 1984) "Cantons," but these Cantons don't have names, only numbers (e.g. 73, 74, 75, etc.). In order to make them more interesting, and to honour several Talossans, the Cosâ hereby names these Cantons according to the list below. Names with asterisks are traditional (and some already official). Names without asterisks are new, and are named for Prime Ministers beginning with Dan Lorentz and going up through Jack Schneider. No slight is intended against post-1989 PMs, it's just we ran out of Cantons.

Uréu q'estadra så: R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode)

Proposed Canton Names

  • Flúvia-Montevúdio*
  • Abbavilla*
  • Vuode
  • Dún Cestour
  • Lorentzio Mazzini
  • Riverside Garibaldi
  • Florencia
  • Jahnhaven Maritiimi
  • Wesernia
  • Murphysboro
  • Schneideria
  • Prachelion
  • Frédéricville
  • Buffonia
  • Port Maxhestic

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