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The Yer Not A Talossan Yet Act Márcüs Pitz

(ZPT-Maricopa) WHEREAS the Kingdom of Talossa has an inherent right to her name and,

WHEREAS the people of Talossa have the right to official information to be untainted by discrepancy,

THEREFORE there shall be no use of the Talossan name in letterheads, banners, publications of all kinds or in any writing to imply that the said writing would constitute an "official" Talossan document and/or originate from the Kingdom of Talossa, her Provinces, Cantons, Territories and all other lands and organizations, without said document being composed in whole or in part by a Talossan citizen, or authorized by the Ziu in the case of prospective citizens.

Uréu q'estadra så: Gjermund Higraff - (ZPT-Cézembre)

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