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The Council of Governors Act

WHEREAS the right of Provinces to work together for mutual interest has no proper conduit; and

WHEREAS the leaders of each province have no way to conduct intraprovincial business; and

WHEREAS the absence of a group of provinicial leaders leaves this need unfulfilled; and

WHEREAS such a group would serve a mighty purpose, giving the provinces a united voice when addressing the government of Talossa;

THEREFORE the Ziu authorises the formation of a Council of Governors (el Cußéglh del Governadéirs in Talossan, abbreviated CG) to be comprised of each provincial leader, whether he or she is called "Governor" or not. The Council will hold meetings at its own discretion, or at the request of any one of the Governors/Provincial Leaders.

The rules and regulations of this Council may be decided by the Council itself at a founders' meeting. The Council may only operate within the bounds of the Organic Law. The Council will meet, upon approval of this bill, immediately to begin designing a constitution or other set of rules for self-governance.

Uréu q'estadra så: Christopher C. Gruber - (GCP-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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