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The "I Want a Limousine Damnit" Act

WHEREAS in Canada and probably many other countries, only Minister get a limousine, normal representatives do not get that priviliged,

WHEREAS in Talossa, only members of the Ziu may submit bills,

WHEREAS Ministers, when they submit bills, often use their minister's title,

WHEREAS The King and even the opposition leader in at least one documentated case, have used other non government related post when sending a bill,

WHEREAS this custom has always been a part of Talossa's bill system, yet no laws (in my knowledge) ever codified it,

WHEREAS the WHEREAS section is mostly used to place a bill in context, yet the title of the proposer can be equally used to establish context,

WHEREAS in Talossa, no ministry is rich enough to afford a Limousine

WHEREAS after a few weeks of serious fighting, it is time for a little more Talossanity

THEREFORE the Ziu resolves to officially legalize the use of official non-Ziu titles when a member of the ZIU submit a bill, if the submitter feels that he is submitting a bill in another capacity as ZIU member.

Such a title shall be called a "Limousine" or by it's Talossan equivalent. A title of Senator, distain or Member of the Cosâ is a Ziu title, and as such not a Limousine. A person can only be entitled to a limousine if he is both a member of the Ziu AND holding an official title.

A Limousine may contains, but are not restricted to: A governor title, a minister or deputy minister title, a title conferred by a national organization such as the CÙG or the Secretary of States office.

This bill may not be viewed as a means to allow non members of the ZIU to post bills using their Limousine.

It doesn't allow either to use non-official titles or party specific titles.

Finally, the use of a Limousine instead of a ziu title engages that person in that capacity. For example, a bill submitted by a Cosâ member as being "Minister of Culture" indicates that the bill is trully submitted in the name of the Minister of Culture.

Uréu q'estadra så: Martì Páir Furxhéir - (PC-Atatûrk)

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