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The Public Buildings Recognition Act

WHEREAS, over the decades a combination of legislation and tradition has designated many of the public buildings in the Kingdom of Talossa to have official purposes and functions, and

WHEREAS, there is currently no authoritative, official collection of these buildings, and

WHEREAS, such a collection is useful for historical purposes, and also to visiting Talossans making the haxh who wish to see where stuff gets done (theoretically) in Talossa,

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby adopts as official the following designations for public buildings in the Kingdom of Talossa, understanding that the list may be supplemented or amended by further legislation.

Complete List of Provincial Capital Buildings:

The Maricopa Capitol Building -- Humphrey House, located at 1200 N Broadway St.
The Vuode Capitol Building -- The Pavilion at Lake Park
The Mussolini Capitol Building -- Riverside High School
The Atatürk Capitol Building -- Enderis Hall (UWM Campus)
The Cézembre Capitol Building -- Repaire des Corsaires café
The Florenciâ Capitol Building -- The Oriental Theatre
The Maritiimi-Maxhestic Capitol Building -- The Mackey/Mitchell Buildings Complex (on Michigan St.)
Federal Buildings (all in Abbavilla/UWM Campus unless noted)
Executive offices (PM and King) -- Garland/Pearse Hall
Cort offices -- Chapman Hall
Cosâ Chamber and Offices -- Merrill Hall
Senäts Chamber -- Greene Hall
Senäts Offices -- Johnston Hall
Official Residence of the Prime Minister ("Kenwood House") -- Alumni House (in Atatürk, on the lake)
Ministry of Culture -- Holton Hall
Foreign Ministry -- Bolton Hall
Defence Ministry -- Business Administration Building
Secretary of State's Offices -- Sabin Hall
National Library/Archives and CÚG Offices -- Golda Meir Library
The Fiôvâ Capitol Building -- The Mitchell Building

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - MN-Vuode

Scribe's Note

This act was amended by The Joseph Act.

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