Law:The Give-Me-A-Prize-for-a-Book-I-Wrote Act

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34RZ19 — The "Give Me A Prize for a Book I Wrote" Act

WHEREAS, the development of Talossan literature and media is a most noble pursuit, and

WHEREAS, those who author works about Talossa or materials in the Talossan language deserve recognition and encouragement,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby establishes an annual award scheme to be known as the "Prime Minister's Literary Awards". The awards shall be distributed by the Prime Minister according to rules and regulations established by a three member committee that shall be appointed by the Prime Minister.

The Ziu further declares that this committee shall make these regulations public on Wittenberg and they shall be subject to final approval by the Ziu.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Márcüs Cantaloûr (MN-Ataturk)

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