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34RZ31 — The Attorney General Advisory Board Act II

WHEREAS the name "Talossa" is a legal trademark held by King Robert I (R. Ben Madison) in trust for the entire Talossan nation, and

In order to preserve and protect that name in the future, as well as to prevent it from being used improperly and illegally,

The Cosâ and Senäts of Talossa gather together in unity to request that the King ask the Prime Minister to appoint, by PD, an Advisory Board to consist of one member of each party to be selected by those parties chairman (leaders).
The function of this Board shall be to consult with legal counsel, to explore Talossa’s legal options, and to suggest courses of action to the government for the purpose of trademark enforcement and related matters. Should such action be taken, it shall be taken by the Attorney General in the name of all Talossans.
The Attorney General may take no official action without the consent of the Advisory Board, but (due to the sensitive nature of his work) the consent of the Advisory Board is not required on a case-by-case basis. The Attorney General is subject in all his official actions to the oversight of the Advisory Board. Any actions taken by the Attorney General may also be voided by law.

Uréu q’estadra så:
King Robert I

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act was considered as 34RZ23 in a slightly different form in the Living Cosa that took place as the fifth Clark of Cosa, in early July 2009. It did not pass at that time and was resubmitted as above to the full Ziu for the August Clark, and was passed at that time.

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