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36RZ9 — The Ballot Security Act

WHEREAS there have, in the recent past, been attempts to subvert Talossan elections by the submission of forged ballots, and

WHEREAS there is very little mechanism under current law to prevent such forgeries, and

WHEREAS their detection has hitherto been rather hit-and-miss, and

WHEREAS it is essential to the well-being of the nation that the people be able to trust the electoral system,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby enacts that

  1. At each general or special nation-wide election, the Chancery shall provide to each voter a personal security code (PSC). The PSC shall be a number or password which can serve to authenticate the voter's ballot.
  2. The Chancery shall take care that the PSCs are assigned in an unpredictably random fashion, and that the list of assigned PSCs is kept secure.
  3. The Chancery may email a PSC to any voter who has a known email address, and shall mail a PSC to each voter who has no known email address (but whose physical address is known) together with that voter's ballot papers.
  4. Every ballot or vote cast on Wittenberg, and every ballot or vote cast otherwise that contains the voter's correct PSC, shall be counted. But if a ballot or vote not cast on Wittenberg does not contain the voter's correct PSC, the Chancery shall attempt by whatever means the Secretary of State deems necessary and sufficient to determine whether the vote is valid, and shall not count the vote unless its validity can be so established. The Chancery shall report to the Uppermost Cort, before the final results of the election shall be certified, regarding each such vote, the means used to determine its validity, and the conclusion reached.

Uréu q'estadra så:
John Woolley, UrN (Senator for Florenciâ)

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