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38RZ3 — The Shiny Objects Act

WHEREAS it is in keeping with the dignities of office that holders of those offices possess items signatory of their position, marking them with the dignity and power therein, and

WHEREAS such items are a Talossan tradition, with the monarch traditionally wearing the "Romanian train conductor's hat" and el Túischac'h wielding a bell at a Living Cosa to demand attention, and

WHEREAS some of our most important offices have no such item associated with them, entirely out of keeping with their status and dignity, and

WHEREAS the office of Seneschal, the leader of the nation, is a position of great importance and power, well-respected by all Talossans and vital to the well-being of the nation, and

WHEREAS the office of Secretary of State is responsible for the sacred task of safeguarding democracy itself within Talossa, certifying and carrying out general elections and legislative action, and this office is so important yet so difficult that it is not at all envied, and

WHEREAS the office of Chief Justice of the High Cort is the head of the arbiters of justice in Talossa, responsible for leading the Cort in making decisions of law according to the trying demands of jurisprudence,

THEREFORE be it here established that

the office of Seneschal, Secretary of State, and Chief Justice shall henceforth be symbolized by totem items of rank. These items will be provided as speedily as possible by the government, with care for their quality and the economics of the matter. Designs and the nature of the items are the responsibility of the government, through whatever channels it deems appropriate.
  1. The Seneschal shall wear a chain of office of sufficient ostentation as befits the leader of Talossa, representing the burden of being shackled to the nation's welfare.
  2. The Secretary of State shall wield a stamp embossed with the logo of his office, being both an effective and appropriate totem that can be used henceforth.
  3. The Chief Justice shall bear a silver-haired wig of reasonable quality, indicating a traditional role as a judge and the flowing locks of Lady Justice herself.
Each bearer of these items shall be required, if they lose their office, to mail them to the King within two weeks, from whom the items shall be passed on to the next holder of the office.

Uréu q'estadra så
Alexandreu Davinescu (MC, RUMP)

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