Law:The International Community Entrance Bill, Iteration XIV, I.C.E. 9

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39RZ6 — The International Community Entrance Bill, Iteration XIV, I.C.E. 9

WHEREAS, as an independent and sovereign nation possessing of a long and proud heritage, Talossa merits a place among the ranks of other states of equal status, and

WHEREAS, our beautiful country deserves to have its voice heard within the international dialog of the world in order to help promote Talossan interests abroad, and

WHEREAS, the organization known as the United Nations is the international organization of the greatest prominence, and

WHEREAS, entrance into the aforementioned United Nations is predicated upon our willingness to accept and uphold the responsibilities and obligations delineated for a signatory nation within the document known as the "Charter of the United Nations," and

WHEREAS, the stated purposes of the UN are peace, friendly relations, international cooperation, and harmony, and Talossa also believes in these things, so there is no conflict but rather an affirmation of Talossan values, and

WHEREAS, the practical obligations that would be imposed upon us by UN membership are the minimal ones of an annual fee, agreeing to pacific resolution of international disputes, provision of troops or facilities if needed, participation in the International Court of Justice in the case of international legal disputes, and other such things easily met by our burgeoning state, and

WHEREAS, the benefits of joining the international community in an active manner far outweigh the negligible fees, which would be calculated as a percentage from our GNP, as well as the other items of obligation which would have generally already been Talossan policy anyway and thus no hardship, and

WHEREAS, Talossa is desirous of embarking on a long career of vibrant international relations, rather than the sporadic and chilly attentions we currently receive, excepting of course the United States of America's kind recognition of Talossan sovereignty, and we hope that this will be the impetus behind the crystallization of a new era of international communication,

THEREFORE, the Kingdom of Talossa hereby officially recognizes, supports, and endorses the ideals and goals detailed within the United Nations Charter, and that we hereby declare our intentions to join the august body of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and avows that Talossa will meet the obligations which are a part of being a member with full faith and our greatest exertions.

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Alexandreu Davinescu (Senator, Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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