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43RZ14 — The Riverside Park Renaming Act

WHEREAS John Woolley has been a citizen of Talossa for some time now, and

WHEREAS he was a fantastic Secretary of State, and

WHEREAS he became King of the nation,

WHEREAS he has been our King since the days of the great separation, and

WHEREAS he has been a fair and great King, now

WHEREAS we should honour the time and dedication that he has put into being our king and we should honour the time and dedication that he has put into Talossa in general. Furthermore, we should start a new tradition of naming things in Talossa after the people who are great Talossans so that they are remembered in history no matter what happens in the future, now

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Ziu that "Riverside Park", located in the Benito province of the Kingdom of Talossa, surrounded by East Locust Street to the North, the river to the West, North Oakland Avenue to the East and East Park Place to the South, be renamed to "King John Woolley on the Riverside Park".

Noi urent q'estadra sa:

Éovart Grischun (MC, CSP)
Flip Molinar, (MC, PPT)

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