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43RZ24 — The Our Pets are Talossan Too! Act

WHEREAS many Talossans own pets and many of us love animals more than we do some humans, and

WHEREAS that might be a bit troubling from a philosophical point of view, but, it is what it is, and

WHEREAS I have a dog (rescued), named Lucy (Lutzía), and she has some congenital problems with her legs and paws and despite this she shows an extreme level of endurance and agility and defies the odds and astounds me everyday, not only with that, but with her incredible mind and personality too; and also her caring side, which exhibited a few weeks ago when she used her nose to lift the cat up onto the window ledge after said cat made a total mess of a jump and was left dangling, and this, to me, is a Talossan dog, and

WHEREAS I have a cat who is absent minded and clumsy and extremely chatty to the point of annoyance and she is fussy with her food and only drinks from the bath taps, and this, to me, is a Talossan cat, and

WHEREAS Senator Mick Preston currently owns two Rescue dogs. One is a Whippet - hence his "Fantasy" team name, the "Fighting Whippets", and the other is a Shelter-rescue dog - and both are strong in morals, strong in ideal, and strong in forgiving. Both animals, to S:r Preston at least, are Talossan, and

WHEREAS The King also has a dog which is the coolest Royal dog ever and it whoops a Corgi's ass, paws down, and is the Official dog of the Kingdom and is, without doubt, a Talossan dog, and

WHEREAS Flip Molinar has two dogs and one cat who provide him with extreme comfort and security much like Talossa herself, which, in turn, provides to each of her citizens the safety and comfort of a loving and caring society, and

WHEREAS Dien Tresplet, according to him, has one of the coolest pets throughout Talossa, Walter the Cat (Viult dal cäts), and along with S:reu Molinar also feels extreme comfort and security (from mice anyway) resulting from ownership, and

WHEREAS Ián Anglatzarâ is not sure if his Kittens are Talossan, but they are out of their minds and tearing down his house anyway, and

WHEREAS Davíu Lundescu's dog started making noise right after my dog started making noise, and

WHEREAS this list could probably go on and on but I find it sufficient enough to say that most of us have animals and the personality of these animals both supplement and compliment the character of the owner and vice versa and if the owner is Talossan then it is fair to say the animal is too, and

WHEREAS Baron Hooligan has pointed out that animals that have a predilection for beer are also Talossan, so

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Ziu that animals and pets belonging to owners of Talossan citizenship shall be considered to be Talossan-in-nature.

ADDITIONALLY any animal that shows an appreciation for beer or Talossan cuisine shall also be considered to be Talossan-in-nature.

FURTHERMORE Talossan citizens are encouraged to know the Talossan name of their furry, feathered, scaled or otherwise critters.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:

Éovart Grischun (MC - CSPP)
Flip Molinar (MC, CSPP)
Dien Tresplet (MC, RUMP)

El Regeu en volt.

— John R

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