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45RZ22, Incorporation Act of Corporative Corporations

This law is currently

Ziu 45th Clark 5th
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PER 104 — CON 59 — AUS 26

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PER 5 — CON 2 — AUS 1

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WHEREAS Marti-Pair Furxheir had a good idea, and

WHEREAS it is good to not only encourage another area of Talossan activity, but also to make opportunities for usefulness, and

WHEREAS the overall structure of a future business world can be laid, with care and thoughtfulness, while also providing a service to today's businesses. This service is to provide them with a manner in which they can uniquely appeal to Talossan customers, while at the same time benefiting our country, by delineating a method to certify a business's donations made to the country, and

WHEREAS careful numbering will allow the future substitution and discussion of this act with ease, and thus its appearance, and so much of the wording has been changed from the sources, and


1. The Minister of Finance is empowered to create the Bureau of Corporations, which body shall be responsible for the registration of all Talossan corporations and businesses, the enforcement of applicable business laws, and such further tasks as may seem fit by the Ziu. Should and until the Minister of Finance creates such a Bureau, the Minister of Finance shall hold these responsibilities and others listed herein, and execute them to the best of his or her ability.

2. The Bureau of Corporations shall issue licenses in a timely fashion to all those corporations and businesses that apply for one. Application is voluntary and free.

3. The Bureau of Corporations may also register official articles of incorporation for a corporation when applying for a license. Registration of such articles is voluntary and free. A registered corporation need not be registered in any other country. Registered articles shall be considered binding. Registered articles shall be a matter of public record.

4. An application for a business license must include the following information:

The name under which the corporation will do business in Talossa.

The name of the citizen that owns the business and who has applied for registration.

The type of business.

The status of the business, either profit or non-profit.

The name of the business outside of Talossa, if desired.

The articles of incorporation for the business, if applicable.

5. Business licenses shall be issued by the Bureau in a standardized format, including all of the above information, and assigning each business its own official number. This number shall be composed of three digits to indicate the year of registration combined with three digits to indicate the order a business was registered, beginning with 001. For example, a business, registered in 2012/XXXIII, that was the seventh business registered in Talossa, would have the number 033007. Changes to this numbering scheme may be made at the discretion of the Bureau, but are discouraged. Business licenses shall be a matter of public record, and will be made available by the Bureau on request.

6. Talossan businesses may choose to become official Supporters of Talossa. This distinction is achieved when the Bureau certifies that the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue has received a donation of at least 13ℓ from that business. Such a business is entitled to describe itself in advertising as a Supporter of Talossa. The Bureau shall maintain a public list of Supporters of Talossa.

7. A business that advertises itself as a Supporter of Talossa, without having been certified by the Bureau, is in violation of the law. The registered owner of this business shall be subject to a fine of 5ℓ. If a business is not registered, then the individual who produced the advertising shall be subject to this fine, instead.

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