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This law is currently

It amends the following:
El Lexhatx

Ziu 50th Clark 6th
Sponsored by: Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 134 — CON 21 — AUS 0

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 6 — CON 0 — AUS 0

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WHEREAS the whole reason the Hopper system of tossing bills around before they were Clarked was enacted so as to catch any flaws or problems before the bill went to a vote;

AND WHEREAS a recent flurry of emergency PDs during the 50th Cosâ to amend basic problems in bills which have already passed the Ziu shows that this is not working;

AND WHEREAS royal assent clearly only functions as an additional check when the King feels inclined to do so, which seems extremely rare except when his powers and privileges are involved;

AND WHEREAS having the non-partisan Secretary of State in the Hopper discussions is a good thing we should make more use of:

AND WHEREAS the current law on how the SoS gate-keep bills for the Clark is screwy and incomprehensible:

BE IT ENACTED by the King, Senäts and Cosâ of Talossa in Ziu assembled that

1. El Lexhátx Section H.11, "Legislation", which currently reads:

11. The Secretary of State is empowered to refuse to put a certain bill on a Clark if said bill;
11.1. has the SLIGHTEST problem in excess of five (misspellings, inorganicity, etc.); and/or
11.2. is not clearly typed or word-processed; and/or
11.3. is so substantially different from its original form as a legislative proposal that it constitutes a significantly different proposal.

shall be changed by the amendment of H.11.1 to read:

11.1. appears to him to be obviously on its face inorganic, or to have such grave errors as would make it ineffective and/or require further legislation or a Prime Dictate to make it effective.

2. The following final section shall also be added to H.11:

Any such decision shall be subject to judicial review.

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Miestrâ Schivâ - (MC - FreeDem)