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RZ23 - The Spreading the Word Act
Primary Sources: see Acts of the 53rd Cosa

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It amends the following:

Ziu 53rd Clark 4th (August 2019)
Sponsored by: Ian Plätschisch - (Senator, MM)

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED in the Cosâ
PER 136 — CON 32 — AUS 16

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED in the Senäts
PER 7 — CON 1 — AUS 0

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RZ23 - The Spreading the Word Act

WHEREAS A variety of interesting things happen in Talossa on a regular basis that many Talossans who do not frequent Wittenberg have no way of hearing about, and

WHEREAS Many Talossans have similar interests as other Talossans, but there is currently no way for them to contact each other, and

WHEREAS Both of these facts are detrimental to Talossa's existence, and

WHEREAS It would be great if citizens had a way to get in contact with each other, and

WHEREAS While an opt-out system would be better in theory, it is not practical given the Kingdom's current technology

THEREFORE Lex.D.8.8 is added to el Lexhatx, which reads:

8.8 Information Available to All Citizens

8.8.1. An Contact Information Database shall be made available to all citizens.

8.8.2. The Database shall contain the following information on each of the Kingdom's Citizens only: Name, Province, E-Mail address.

8.8.3. The E-Mail address of a citizen shall only be made available if the citizen has opted-in to receiving communications. Opting-in to the Electorate Database does not constitute opting-in to the Contact Information Database. 8.8.4. Additional information may be held upon the database against any given person ONLY if that person requests such information to be included.

8.8.5. Each electoral ballot and census shall ask if the citizen would like to opt-in to the Electoral Database and the Contact Information Database. Any citizen may request to opt-out of having their E-Mail address included in this database for any reason at any time by notifying the Chancery.

FURTHERMORE Lex.E.11.4 is added, which reads: If, during the immigration process, a prospective citizen states that it is OK for Talossans to contact them by email, the prospective shall be opted-in to the Electoral Database and Contact Information Database once they are granted citizenship. The Secretary of State shall notify the new citizen that they may opt-out at any time by contacting the Chancery.

Uréu q'estadra så: Ian Plätschisch - (Senator, MM)