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RZ26 - The Bartholomew Cubbins Act
Primary Sources: see Acts of the 53rd Cosa

This bill FAILED to pass.

Ziu 53rd Clark 5th (September 2019)
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Cosa.png Cosa: Rejected in the Cosâ
PER 76 — CON 105 — AUS 0

Senats.png Senäts: Rejected in the Senäts
PER 4 — CON 3 — AUS 0

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RZ26 - The Bartholomew Cubbins Act

WHEREAS In most democracies, wearing too many hats is a bad thing, but

WHEREAS Conflicts of interest become less important when the alternative is that nothing happens at all, and

WHEREAS We are currently forcing separation between roles that, by themselves, do not see very much action

THEREFORE Lex.C.1.1.3, which currently reads:

An individual may not hold the offices of Seneschal, Distáin, Justice of the Uppermost Cort, Monarch, or any cabinet portfolio while simultaneously holding an active appointment to a secretary office. In addition, any Secretaries within the Ministry of Justice may not serve as a judge in any inferior court.

is struck in full.