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RZ28 - The Defence Disaggregation Bill
Primary Sources: see Acts of the 53rd Cosa

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It amends the following:

Ziu 53rd Clark 6th (October 2019)
Sponsored by: Miestrâ Schivâ - (MC, FREEDEMS)

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED in the Cosâ
PER 149 — CON 20 — AUS 20

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED in the Senäts
PER 4 — CON 1 — AUS 1

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RZ28 - The Defence Disaggregation Bill

WHEREAS the Ministries of Immigration, Home and Defence were combined into a single Ministry by legislation a few Clarks ago, partly in protest against the multiplication of "silly" or "sinecure" cabinet posts with no real authority, and partly to get around the Organic stipulation that we had to have a Defence Minister;

AND WHEREAS assuming that the Still Into This Amendment passes by referendum, the latter impulse to "aggregation" of Defence with the other ministries will no longer have that justification;

AND WHEREAS the current Foreign Minister would make a far better Defence Minister than the current Interior Ministry, who has other things to do;

BE IT ENACTED by the King, Cosâ and Senäts of the Kingdom of Talossa in Ziu assembled as follows:

1. Section D.2.3. of El Lexhátx shall be amended as follows:

D.2.3 The Interior Minister, heading the Ministry of the Interior, which shall comprise the bureaus listed below. Among their other duties, they supervise the immigration of new citizens into Talossa, in consultation with the Uppermost Cort, and shall also be the liaison between the Kingdom Government and the provincial governments. 2.3.1. El Büreu dàl Înmigraziun (the Bureau of Immigration), which shall be responsible for the execution of the nation's laws appertaining to immigration of new citizens into the realm. This Ministry shall work closely with the Chancery and its Bureau of the Census to ensure that all incoming citizens are properly processed through immigration as provided by law. The New Citizens' Committee shall comprise all Talossans who have been citizens for six months or less, and shall operate at the direction of the Bureau of Immigration to provide perspective on how to increase quality and quantity of immigration applications, and how to most effectively involve new citizens in Talossan affairs. 2.3.2 El Büreu dels Afáes Înphätseschti (Bureau of Home Affairs) which shall be responsible for the order and well-being of the homeland and its environs. This Bureau shall provide a public presence in or near the Greater Talossan Area, shall assist in the organization of Living Cosâs, shall provide governmental assistance to the organizers of an annual TalossaFest celebration, and to all citizens making the Haxh, and shall take care to guide the Seneschal and other ministers in ever maintaining the connection and bond of Talossans worldwide to their homeland. The Bureau of Home Affairs shall include the Departamenteu dels Afáes Cestoûreschti (Department of Cestour Affairs), led by the 'Piaçatéir Naziunál' and assisted by bureaucrats known as C'huescoûrs (or "Binkies"), who shall see to it that the interests of Cestours within the homeland receive the proper attention of the government.

2. A new Section D.2.4 of El Lexhátx shall be enacted:

2.4. The Minister of Defence, leading the Ministry of Defence, which shall marshal and provide the Invincible Moral Support of the nation to the good and right side of any international conflict, as determined by the government, conveying to the combatants our proud "we would stand with you, but it's safer to stand behind you" stance. The Defence Minister shall command the armed forces of the Kingdom during peacetime and during times of declared war, subservient in these duties only to the King in his majesty's organic role as Leader of the Armed Forces. During the latter periods, the Defence Minister is to be referred to as "War Minister." As detailed in Title I, the Bureau of Defence shall include: The Talossan Royal Navy The Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard The Primary Intelligence Group

3. Section D.5 of El Lexhátx shall be DELETED.

4. Section G.3.3 of El Lexhátx shall be amended as ofllows:

Practice before Military Courts shall be restricted to members of the Royal Talossan Bar or to any commissioned officer granted waiver by the Minister of Interior Defence to serve as a legal representative, pursuant to Ministry of Interior Defence guidelines.

5. The following parts of Section I of El Lexhátx shall be amended as follows:

1. The Royal Talossan Navy shall be administered by the Admiral of the Fleet (RTN O-9 / NATO OF-10), appointed by the Monarch upon recommendation by the Minister of the Interior Defence or designated subordinate and approval by a majority vote in the Ziu.

1.1. Each of the three Branches of the Navy (the Naval Corps, Marine Corps, and Air Corps) will be under the immediate direction of a Branch Chief; those being the Chief of Talossan Naval Operations (Admiral – RTN O-8 / NATO OF-9), Commandant of the Royal Talossan Marine Corps (General – RTMC O-8 / NATO OF-9), and Chief of the Royal Talossan Air Corps (Chief Marshal – RTAC O-8/NATO OF-9). Each are appointed by the Monarch upon recommendation by the by the Minister of the Interior Defence or designated subordinate and approval by the Admiral of the Fleet.

1.3 The Minister of the Interior Defence, in consultation with the Navy Board, shall promulgate a code of military regulations to be known as the Uniform Code of Military Organization or UCMO for the purpose of the organization, training and discipline of the Talossan Armed Forces. The UCMO shall reflect the professionalism of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Talossa as well as recognize the relations of our great nation’s place in retrospect to the other great nations and allied militaries of the world.

2.4. Military Bedpost Regulation. Appropriate officers of the Guard shall be held responsible by the Ministry of Interior Defence for establishing further regulations for the provisioning and use of said bedposts, such as specifying the size of the bedframe from which a bedpost issued to and maintained by service members at each military rank shall be taken, and specifying military exercises for the practice and display of proficiency and fluency in the use of the bedpost, for the purposes of both close-combat and the ceremonial fancy throwing the thing up and flipping it in circles and stuff before catching it with flair and shouldering it sharply, maybe even spinning around a time or two while it's in the air; you know, stuff like that.

Uréu q'estadra så: Miestrâ Schivâ - (MC, FREEDEMS)