Law:The Vote-By-Post Stabilization Act

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7RC14 — The Vote-By-Post Stabilization Act

It is hereby made law that all bills submitted to the Sec'y of State for consideration in the RT Cosa be presented in the following format: a.) either typed or word-processed b.) titled, with the bill's title underlined. c.) only single-spaced used, except that the bill's title may be two lines above the bill proper. d.) after the bill, the words "Proposed by", followed by the MC's first and last name, his party, and his representative, home district. If bills are sent in any other way then above, then they will be re-formatted by the Sec'y of State. It's about time MC's show some responsibility for their bills.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (TNP-Pórt Maxhestic)

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