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Abbavilla, also known as Abbaville, is the present Talossan capital, located in the province of Atatürk.

It was initially located in Vuode Province, but on 6 June 1982/III, it was re-established on the site otherwise known as the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, which had been annexed to the Kingdom earlier that year[1]. At the time, it was christened Montevûdio, but was later renamed Abbavilla. The capital has retained that name ever since.

In February, 1994/XV, the national capital was moved to Electrabase, but it was moved back to Abbavilla with the adoption of the new Organic Law in 1997/XVIII.

There remains some debate over whether Abbavilla is the capital or the capitol. While it was clearly selected as the capital, modern Talossans sometimes point out that the nation is a city-state itself, and accordingly is already its own capital. This would make Abbavilla the capitol building, instead. There is no consensus on the matter.


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