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35RZ16 — An Act Modifying Eligibility to the Senate (Amendment)

WHEREAS the free choice of a Senator by the people of each province should be restricted as little as possible, and

WHEREAS an interested and active citizen can certainly “learn the ropes” in less than the two years currently specified by the Organic Law,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby adopts the following Amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the electorate for ratification.

  1. Article IV Section 4 of the Organic Law is amended to read:
    Except as otherwise provided in the Organic Law, any Talossan who may vote may be elected or appointed to the Senäts for any province. No Senator, even though elected or appointed to the Senäts, may actually vote his seat until he has been a citizen for one year, or served for six months as Secretary of State or Prime Minister, or received an order of knighthood from the King. No person may simultaneouly hold more than one seat in the Senäts.
  2. Article V Section II of the Organic Law is amended, by the removal of the clauses restricting eligibility to the Senäts, to read:
    No Senator shall ever be required to vacate his place during his term, due to a change in the qualifications of Senators.

Uréu q’estadra så:
Fritz von Buchholtz, Seneschál (MC, CLP)

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