Law:An Act to Abolish the Vindictive Ben Oversight Committee

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8RC4 — An Act to Abolish the Vindictive Ben Oversight Committee

The Ben Oversight Committee is hereby abolished. The following powerful justifications:

1. The Committee was set up at the behest of Dan Lorentz to "carefully monitor Ben Madison. His is clearly unfair because no similar committee has been set up to scrutinise Bob Murphy, John Jahn, Dan Lorentz or any other powerful public figure. The committee's very existence is an unwarranted presumption of some hidden guilt on Madison's part. It is therefore vindictive and repugnant to Talossa's spirit.

2. The Committee intends to monitor Ben's "non-official actions." Hounding a fellow citizen for his unofficial doings is entirely against Talossanity and all it stands for.

3. The Committee intends to monitor Ben äs editor of Støtanneu." This provision is clearly intended to make Ben worrie4d about writing a particular storywhich might offend the members of the Committee. It is clearly noxious to a free press to have some explicitly hostile bureaucratic agency watching over it. Also it subjects only one of our two newspapers to such unfair treatment. It violates the freedom of the press guaranteed by Article 56 of the Organic Law. If we enact laws to "monitor" the press, heaven knows what's next!

4. Finally and worst of all, the Committee is not even a committee. Dan Lorentz has monopolised power and uses the B.O.C. as a personal soapbox from which to assail any disagreed-with Ben-position. Committee members Jean Williams and Sandee Prachel have never been contacted by Lorentz, not encourage to participate. Clearly it has become a personal fiefdom which serves only to add the pretended force of law to Dan's disagreements with Ben. The Cosâ therefore takes the side of fairness, freedom, hot apple cider in winter, and every other good thing and cheerfully repeals the Ben Oversight Committee.

Proposed by: The Longwinded Robert Madison

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