Law:An Act to Amend Article 95 of the Constituziun

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8RC1 — An Act to Amend Article 95 of the Constituziun

Article 95 of the 1988 Constituziun is henceforth amended to read as follows: "Persons who are citizens by birth acquire, when they reach their fourteenth birthday, the rights of legal adulthood, which rights entitle them to full participation in the political process, including the right to vote and to hold elective office. Persons under the age of fourteen may appeal to the Cosâ before they attain this age, and if they can demonstrate to the convincing of a majority in the Cosâ that they would be active and constructive citizens, may be granted legal adult status. Citizens who acquire citizenship through naturalisation automatically acquire legal adult status. Legal adult status may never be revoked."

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode); John Jahn (TNP-Pórt Maxhestic)

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