Law:An Act to Amend Article VIII of the Organic Law

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An Act to Amend Article VIII of the Organic Law

WHEREAS Members of the Ziu in the past have gotten overenthusiastic with the number of bills they submit monthly; and

WHEREAS other Members of the Ziu got exhausted with the number of bills thus submitted; and

WHEREAS the Organic Law does not allow the Ziu use any other force than Not-So-Invincible Moral Force to regulate the number of bills presented for the Clark;

THEREFORE Article VIII is hereby amended to read: Art.VIII:Sec. 6. Notwithstanding Sections 2 and 5 of this Article, the Ziu may make laws regulating the number of bills a Member of the Cosâ or a Senator may submit for one Clark without the need to amend the Organic Law.

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