Law:An Act to Curb the Spread of Mutations

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An Act to Curb the Spread of Mutations

WHEREAS Atricle 5 of the Constituziun grants the Cosâ (as lawmaking body of Talossa) the right to make decisions concerning the Talossan Language, and, Whereas a change of the magnitude here envisioned deserves the attention in a public forum of the entire Talossan people (or at least their elected representatives), THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby resolves: That because the complex and cumbersome system of consonant mutations in the Talossan language (wherein initial consonants are "mutated" according to fixed rules, such as: "Cosâ" becoming "la C'hosâ") renders the language difficult to learn and thereby endangers its survival, the Cosâ hereby instructs the Comità për l'Útzil del Glhetg to abolish the system of mutations entirely.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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