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36RZ19 — An Act to Elect the King of Talossa

WHEREAS on 29 November 2006 King Louis I abdicated the throne by act of his legal guardian, and

WHEREAS there exists no rightful successor to the throne in the House of Rouergue, and

WHEREAS no other heir was named during the Regency of Louis I, and

WHEREAS Organic Law dictates that a new Sovereign shall be elected by the Ziu, such election to be ratified by the people, and

WHEREAS a tireless, selfless Talossan, with a love and passion for the nation, its physical territory, its peoples, and its institutions must be found to open the next chapter in Talossa by serving the nation as its sovereign, and

WHEREAS a Talossan who is committed to the principles of our constitutional monarchy, able to rule effectively and benignly, must be the choice of this body, and

WHEREAS a Talossan with a family line demonstrating interest and involvement with the nation, such that a new Royal House may be adjudged secure, is a strong consideration, and

WHEREAS a person imbued in the culture of our nation, skilled in our national language and the royal arts, must be the recommendation of the Ziu, and

WHEREAS the nation is fortunate to have amongst its citizens a man, Sir John Woolley, who has demonstrated all these qualities, and

WHEREAS Sir John Woolley has shown a zeal for recruiting new citizens equal to none, both by harrassing many of his friends and aquaintances into becoming Talossans, and also by personally funding advertisements that have attracted several new citizens, and

WHEREAS Sir John Woolley, in his exercise of the office of Secretary of State, has shown himself to be efficient, even-handed, courteous, and incorruptible, and

WHEREAS Sir John Woolley has demonstrated over and over that he, rather than desiring to control other citizens in their Talossan activities, is more interested in making Talossa a place where everyone can join together in building a great nation, and

WHEREAS Sir John Woolley has been one of the leaders of the trend to decentralize power in Talossa and get more and more people involved in the various layers and organs of government, and is therefore to be trusted not to try to grab a bunch of power for himself, and

WHEREAS Sir John Woolley realizes, and shows by his example that he realizes, that Talossa should before everything else be a whole ton of fun for everyone involved, and

WHEREAS by all his words and actions, Sir John Woolley has shown that he would make for our nation a fine and noble King, now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby elects Sir John Woolley King of Talossa, and recommends the ratification of this choice to the citizenry.

Noi urent q'estadra så:

Mà Lord Hooligan, Senator (Cézembre)
Ián da Bitoûr, MC (RUMP)
Olaf Brainerd, Senator (Maricopa)
Nicolâ Casálmac'h, MC (RUMP)
Sevastáin Casálmac'h, MC (RUMP)
Albrec'ht Cheléir, MC (RUMP)
Corrine De Winter, MC (CLP)
Polly Maria Holdorf, MC (CLP)
Brad Holmes, MC (CLP)
Bleic'h Spenséir Iánescu, MC (RUMP)
Conta Danihél Lauriéir, MC (DOTT)
Matáiwos Nanamavéu, MC (RUMP)
Tim Danger Olivieri, MC (RUMP)
Mick Preston, MC (RUMP)
Nikü Spyropoulos, MC (RUMP)
Sir Samuhél Tecladéir, MC (CLP)
Viteu Toctviac'htéir, MC (RUMP)
Joseph Walkland, MC (CLP)
Joel Wood, MC (RUMP)

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