Law:An Act to Establish an Advisory Cußéglh Cestoûr

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8RC9 — An Act to Establish an Advisory Cußéglh Cestoûr

WHEREAS the Cestoûrs, the American natives living within the borders of Talossa, have no say in the management of the Talossan government, and

WHEREAS this is rather discriminatory, now

THEREFORE the Cosâ establishes an elective body called the Cußéglh Cestoûr (Cestoûr Council) to represent their interests.

Elections to the Cußéglh will take place twice a year and it will function exactly like the Cosâ. The Cußéglh will comprise 50 seats, apportioned (as in the Cosâ) by popular vote among pre-registered political parties. No single member may hold more than 15 seats. Non-votes and refuse-to-votes will not count, of course. Anyone living in the borders of Talossa, whether Talossan or Cestoûr, will have a right to vote in the Cußéglh elections, but must prove that they reside within the national territory. The Rôle of the Cußéglh is purely advisory; it can only pass resolutions calling for the Government to take certain steps. Its goal is to represent the population of the Talossan Peninsula as a whole, without regard to citizenship. The Cußéglh will elect a chairman who will bear the title of President of the Cußéglh.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

Scribe's Note: This Act was repealed by 11RC1

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