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An Act to Repeal the Royal Adoption

WHEREAS a law – The Succession to the Throne Act (33RZ10) – is on our books, which purports to grant a “formal writ of adoption” naming the former King and Queen of Talossa as guardians for the present King of Talossa, and

WHEREAS the said former King and Queen have renounced their citizenship in Talossa, and

WHEREAS even before renouncing his citizenship, but especially since doing so, the former King has been actively working against the best interests of the Kingdom, 1) by deliberately leaving the Kingdom's government in chaos when he abdicated, for instance by refusing to name, as was his duty, a deputy Secretary of State to take over his office of Secretary of State when he resigned; 2) by disseminating lies and calumny on the Kingdom's web page and by email to current and former citizens, claiming that Talossa no longer exists, that the current Government is illegitimate, that many current citizens in fact do not even exist, that the current Government drove him and his supporters out of Talossa, that the current Government won its position by “lying, cheating, and stealing”, and so on; 3) by urging Talossan citizens to renounce their citizenship; 4) by urging Talossan citizens not to vote nor to participate in Talossan life; 5) by dishonestly refusing to release the Kingdom’s treasury, held in a bank account of which he is a signatory; and other such activities, and

WHEREAS it makes absolutely no sense for Talossan law to grant or recognize any position of authority or power over our beloved King to someone who has made himself an inveterate enemy of the Kingdom,

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby enacts that

Clause 1 of The Succession to the Throne Act (33RZ10) is repealed.

Neither the former King Robert I nor the former Queen Amy has, in Talossan law, any position of authority over, or guardianship or adoption of King Louis I.

No provision of this Act shall be construed as in any way bringing into question the propriety or legality of the adoption in question, or of the present King’s accession to and possession of the Throne.

God save King Louis I!

Noi urent q’estadra så: John Woolley (Senator, Florenciâ), Fritz von Buchholtz (Seneschál; Senator, Maritiimi-Maxhestic), Ián Lord Metáiriâ (Senator, Atatürk), Joseph Walkland (MC, Cézembre)

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