Law:Appointment of T.M. Asmourescu as Magistrate Act

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42RZ8 — Appointment of T.M. Asmourescu as Magistrate Act

WHEREAS 39RZ18 - The Creation of a Magistracy Act (as amended) states “The Magistrate Court shall consist of not less than two and no more than three Magistrates.” And

WHEREAS there is currently only one magistrate, Sir Samuhel Tecladeir, and

WHEREAS one or two more Magistrates need to be appointed, and

WHEREAS such Magistrates need to be active members of the Talossan Society and have a fair grasp of Talossan Law and her Justice System, and

WHEREAS the Court needs Magistrates who are active and willing to devote time and effort into fulfilling the duties of the Court and ensuring that apt reform is implemented, and

WHEREAS Capitan Tímoþi Txec Max (Tim) Asmourescu is such a person who is a active Talossan citizen in good standing and who has shown considerable understanding and comprehension of the Talossan law and Justice System, and

WHEREAS it is firmly believed that Capt. Tim will put every effort into enusting the Court fulfils its duties and remains apt to a modern and changing Talossa, now

THEREFORE in accordance with Article XVI, Section 4 of the Organic Law, the Ziu does hereby elect Capitan Tímoþi Txec Max (Tim) Asmourescu as a magistrate of the Magistrate's Court.

Noi urent q'estadra så:
HM Government, represented by:
Litz Cjantscheir, Seneschal (MC, RUMP)
Baron Hooligan, Distian (MC, RUMP)

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