Law:Appointment of a Speaker of the Cosâ

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34PD2 — Appointment of a Speaker of the Cosa

Realizing that a Speaker of the Cosâ (el Túischac'h) had not been selected, I immediately set to work to find a suitable person to fill that role. Finding the perfect candidate was a relatively easy task.

Upon consultation with and receiving the approval of His Majesty I hereby, with all of the power granted unto The Seneschál, issue this Prime Dictate naming Ián A. Metáiriâ as the new Speaker of the Cosâ.

Ián A. Metáiriâ will be able to attend the Living Cosâs and has experience in such matters. I know that he will conduct himself in a manner consistent with the dignity of this office.

This order is effective as of the posting.

Done under my hand this seventeeth day of February in the year two thousand and five.

God Save The King!

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