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The Cézembre Reunification Organization
Leader: Xhorxh Pol Briga

Viensità Ciumisâ Cézembre VCC-CRO The Cézembre Reunification Organization

Thinking globally and acting locally 2007 platform

Starting on our fair isle, the Crovâ (Crow) support a progressive agenda to influence the Kingdom's political, economic and social systems via local action, including:

1. Promotion of ongoing dialog with the Republic of Talossa and elimination of kulturkampf (culture conflict) among all people of Talossan hertiage.

2. Recognition of Cézembre as the market exchange point to the European Union via the Cézembre Zymurgy Bourse (CZB) utilizing the beer currency standard

3. Enhancement to travel and tourism opportunities for Cézembre, including rebuilding the Cézembrian Art Gallery and Poetry Library and to provide detailed and up to date air, land, and sea transportation information along with virtual tours of the province.

4. Support of efforts of Talossan citizens to create additional connections with the political, economic, and cultural organizations of Brittany, France, and the European Union.

5. Provision of a land grant to l’Üniversità Talossán within the Province for construction of the primary campus of that institution.

6. to evolve from standing for not only the Cézembre provincial elections, but also those for the national assembly.