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Did you mean the 2008 Constituziun of the Talossan Émigré Community‎?

The Constituziun was a former governing document of Talossa, ratified on 15 Sep 1988/IX. It contained the first real structure of government for the nation, as well as the first attempts to limit the power of King Robert I, who had previously ruled as a dictator. The Constituziun was in force until it was superceded by the Organic Law on 6 Jul 1997/XVIII.

The Constituziun was drafted in a Constitutional Convention assembled in July 1988, composed by Robert I, then-Prime Minister Murphy, Danihel Lauriéir, Ian von Metairia and Andrew Wozniak.

The preamble to the Constituziun, written by Robert I, affirmed the basic sentiments of self-determination and self-government that had been central to the initial Declaration, declaring that Talossa was an independent nation and that the Kingdom of Talossa was the governing state of that nation.

Every nation no matter how small has the right to self-government. We affirm that by our existence. And we have chosen to publicly affirm our existence by this document. We state with neither equivocation nor flinching that the Talossan people are a nation, and that the Kingdom of Talossa is the state of that nation. We trace our history back to distant, different times, and today we mark another milestone in the rightful thrusting of our standards and emblems into the face of an unprepared world. We, the Talossans who have prepared, signed and sworn to uphold this document, hereby pledge before history that our responsibilities to our country are no less a sacred trust than those of other people to theirs. We shall uphold them. Talossa is a nation. This we swear!

The initial section, following this introduction, were concerned with describing the official name of the country, the extent of its territory, and various symbols for Talossa. The language was established as the sole official language. Following this, the role of the monarch was codified, as well as the procedure for a regency (a provision that was politically contentious at the time, and whose terms were the subject of considerable debate from Dan Lorentz.

The Contituziun further confirmed the procedure for elections and increased the size of the Cosa from 100 (with fractional divisions allowed) to 215 seats (of which 15 allocated as a bonus to Prime Minister and Distain); as well as establishing what would become the permanent duration of a government in the country, six months (often extended in practice to seven, with a month of recess).

Novel to the document was a process of popular referenda to modify it, the concept of Prime Dictates, as well as the new phenomenon of Dandelions (although these children of Talossans were as-yet unnamed).