Dallas Pätsilor

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See also: Chirluschă àl Glheþ.

Dallas Pätsilor (pronounced [ˈdaɫɐs ˈpæt͡sɪðəɾ], English: Of (All) the Countries, German: Ein Feierlichgesang) is a Talossan national song, and was the National Anthem from June 1989/X until its replacement by the Chirluschă àl Glheþ. It was composed by Ian von Metairia.


Original text English translation
Dallas Pätsilor del mundeu
Ja’iens päts; c’e viens qi resta
Pa ün principal: “Las solas
Grentzas da va phäts
Restent circüm va c’hard.”
C’e ár moct.

Tenves forscht intrafiova es
Lac, tzara dad üns, tu stás
D’ancients Anischinaes.
Cestours nun t’ocupent, mas
Vrätsmint, tu propra þistoria
Vient dad üns.

C’e’n äcts da vholonta qi
Te creava, es par qi stás
Oxhi es demà. Talossa, tu
isch va phäts, éu t’améu es
C’e vräts, Patria, Regipäts
Of the countries of the world
There is a land; it’s one that rests
Upon a principle: “The only
Borders of my country
Lie around my heart.”
That’s our motto.

Thin forest between river and
Lake, country of ours, you come
From ancient Anischinas.
Cestours now occupy you, but
Truly, your own history
Comes from us.

It was an act of will that
Created you, and on which you stand
Today and tomorrow. Talossa, you
Are my country, I love you, and
It’s true: Fatherland, Kingdom
Of Talossa.