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Derivativism is the belief that Talossa is a real country in all important respects. It is in contrast to peculiarism, which believes Talossa is something new and unique. Historically, Talossa has been dominated by derivativism, thanks to the support of King Ben as well as a ruling by the Cort Pü Inalt that held that Talossa was "inherently derivativist." At this time, all political parties are either explicitly derivativist or else neutral.

Talossa has no sovereignty over its territory, meaning that it does not possess practical authority over cestours, provide meaningful services, or collect taxes. Derivativists have argued, however, that this is either an admirable state of affairs or a temporary one, and that Talossa is an independent political unit much like other non-sovereign states; comparisons have been made to the Palestinian Authority or historic governments-in-exile.