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Queen Florence

Florence (Florence Yarney) was Queen Regnant (called "King" during her reign in an overdose of political correctness) of Talossa from 24 August 1987 until 27 February 1988.


Before the throne and Seneschal

Florence was an English teacher at Riverside High School in Benito Province, and became aware of and interested in Talossa while teaching King Robert I and other Talossans during their time at the high school (1979-1983). She became a citizen of Talossa on 1 February 1985, and served as Talossa's second-ever Seneschal on June 10th, after Ián von Metáiriâ's resignation.

Yarney relinquished her citizenship on 14 April 1986.

Rise to the throne

When a wave of anti-monarchism swept the nation in 1986-7, led by the People United for No King political party, Robert I abdicated in favour of a named successor Robert II, in hopes of saving the monarchy by enthroning a more affable sovereign. However, Robert II failed to gain the confidence of the people, and the PUNK-led government "legislatively decapitated" the King, declaring Talossa a Republic during the ensuing interregnum. The Peculiar Republic failed after only four months, with the nation calling for a return of the monarchy. Robert I, however, declined the throne, and it was offered to Florence, who, despite her no longer holding Talossan citizenship, accepted. She is one of two Talossan Sovereigns to reign without being Talossan citizens.


Florence was crowned in a ceremony on 24 August 1987 held in Lake Park, which was thereafter renamed Coronation Park.

Under Florence, the constitutional monarchy flourished. Florence and her advisors are credited with establishing the firm basis of Talossa's parliamentary system. The Clark was first established, and the Cosa began to meet regularly and exercise more authority over the affairs of the Kingdom than it had during the reign of Robert I. Talossa began to grow and flourish through the stability that Florence's brief reign established.

After six months on the throne, with Robert I ready to return to the throne and reign over the Kingdom he had founded, Florence graciously abdicated in his favour, leaving to Robert a Kingdom no longer calling for an abolition of the monarchy, but rather firmly in control of its own destiny through the power of its citizenry.

Following her abdication, Florence returned to private life, and now enjoys a quiet retirement from her faculty position at Riverside High School.


The crowning of Florence on 24 August 1987 is commemorated by a national holiday, Monarchy Day, celebrating the restoration of the monarchy.

The Province of Florencia, initially a canton of Benito Province, was named in Florence's honour.


Preceded by
Interregnum (1987)
Queen Regnant of Talossa
24 August 1987/VIII - 27 February 1988/IX
Succeeded by
Robert I
Preceded by
Ián von Metáiriâ
5 June 1985/VI - 26 December 1985/VI
Succeeded by
Frédéric Maugey