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Foreign Policy Initiative: Europe

The Cosâ hereby wishes to grant Talossan Moral Support to U.S. President Bill Clinton for his excellent recent trip to Europe. During that trip, President Clinton helped to bolster Russian President Boris Yeltsin (who needs all the bolstering he can get!), enacted the "Partnership for Peace" plan to eventually get Eastern European countries into N.A.T.O., got the Russians to stop aiming their ICBMs at us (and we at them), and brilliantly succeeded in getting the Ukraine to dump its 3rd-largest nuclear weapons stockpile. Also, he got the western European nations to support stronger measures against our mortal enemy: Serbia (including greater possibility for air strikes). While Talossa is generally pleased with the current state of affairs regarding American-Talossan-European relations, we wish to also state our displeasure for the cowardice and irresolution thus far exhibited by N.A.T.O. countries with regards to the Serbian war against humanity, and we therefore call upon N.A.T.O. to take all necessary measures to defeat Serbian aggression (and come to the aid of General Erni and his hard-fighting Talossan Royal Dragoon Guards).

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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