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34PD34 — Government Organization PD

The current office holders in the Kingdom will remain in place unless changed as listed here:

  • Distáin Manus Hand (RUMP)
  • Squirrel Queen of Arms Patti McCue (CLP)
  • Wargames Minister Jason Buchholtz (CLP)
  • Ambasador to France Corrine De Winter (CLP)
  • Ambassador to the U.S. Al Cheleir (MN)
  • Ambassador to Italy Francesco Felici (MN)

These are all fine Talossan Citizens chosen for their abilitities, activity and interest in the Kingdom. Please give them your support and feel free to contact them if you need their assistance. The Council of Regency is requested to make the appointments listed above.

Mr. Scribe please note these changes and additions on the Talossan Web Site.

Long Live King Louis I!

Done under my hand this 19th day of October in the Year of Our Lord 2005 and the Independence of the Kingdom of Talossa the twenty-sixth.

Fritz Buchholtz Prime Minister Kingdom of Talossa

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