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34PD22 *mdash; Hurricane Katrina Memorial PD

I, Fritz von Buchholtz, Seneshal del Regipats Talossan, with the full weight and authority of my august position do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS, the Hurricane Katrina has caused untold suffering and loss of life, and

WHEREAS, the Kingdom of Talossa shares in the grief and pain of the affected people,

THEREFORE I proclaim September 1st as a day of mourning for all those who have lost their homes, friends, pets and even their own lives. I encourage all citizens to take this time to remember them by sending whatever canned goods, blankets, money, or any other items you would deem helpful. God Bless them.

God Save King Louis I.

Done under my hand this thirty-first day of August, two thousand and five.

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