July 2017 Midterm Referendum

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The July 2017 Midterm Referendum was held from 18 June 2017/XXXVIII to 2 July 2017/XXXVIII and included one referendum to ratify an amendment to the Organic Law and two non-binding referendum questions.

The election was administered by Secretary of State, Marti-Pair Furxheir.

80 ballots were cast.

Results of the referendum

The preliminary results of the referendum are as follows:

50RZ15 The Electoral Commission Reform Amendment: PER: 57; CON: 6; AUS: 17

Do you think that Talossa should continue to be a monarchy?: PER: 55; CON: 22; AUS: 3

Notwithstanding the prior question, do you think that the Crown should have no political power in any form, and function only as a figurehead? PER: 30; CON: 45; AUS: 5