Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici

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The iconic entrance of Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici

Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici (The Majestic Heights) is a Canton from La Provînçù Liveradâ da Fiôvâ.

History and Extension

It was formed by territory that belonged to Maritiimi-Maxhestic before Reunision.

The Mitchell Building, the Capitol of the Province, is located in this Canton.

Extension and border

It is around 241.4 acres in extension, making Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici the fourth biggest Canton in Talossa, just before Maritiimi (Maritiimi-Maxhestic), Dun Cestour (Vuode) and Florencia (Florencia).

Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici is Canton with a lot of financial and artistic landmarks.

It borders in the west and south with the Manaweg (Milwaukee River). To the east it borders with Maritiimi-Maxhestic and to the North with Cüféir.

Between its most remarkable landmarks we can find:

  • Breweries
  • Museums
  • US Federal Building & Court
  • Corporative Banking Companies
  • Art Schools
  • Performance Arts Theatres
  • Expensive Parking Lots
  • Italian Community Center
Kids playing a game of pickleball under a highway.

Culture and Sports

The Province of Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici is known for its Cultural Centers, Theatres, Studios and Art Institutes.

The population has access to Pickleball, a sport usually not played under a highway.