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36RZ15 — The Cosâ Reform Amendment

WHEREAS Living Cosâs have traditionally played an important part in the legislative history of Talossa, and

WHEREAS the Organic Law's procedures for conducting Living Cosâs have not been updated to accomodate EM200, and

WHEREAS the current Living Cosâ do not take account of technological advances over the past century or so, and

WHEREAS Living Cosâs can be a lot of fun, and

WHEREAS by fixing the aforementioned problems, we can start having Living Cosâs again, and

WHEREAS the VOC requirement in Article XIV, Section 7 of the Organic Law is superfluous given that Article XIII, Section 5 requires the Clark to contain a VOC "in every edition," now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby approves the following amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the voters for their ratification.

  1. Article XIV, Section 4 of the Organic Law is amended to read:
    Section 4. Members who cannot attend will not be denied the right to vote on that month's Clark. They may send their votes to the Secretary of State by any means feasible, so that they can be announced at the Living Cosâ. A member may, in writing, delegate his authority to vote (temporarily transfer his seats) to another person who can attend the Living Cosâ, but no individual may hold more than thirty seats, counting both proxy and permanently assigned seats, for purposes of the Living Cosâ. The Ziu may provide by law for quorum requirements, and for attendance via telephone, videoconference, or other remote means.
  2. Article XIV, Section 7 of the Organic Law is replaced with the following text:
    Section 7. Senators shall be permitted to participate in Living Cosâ debates on the same terms as MCs, but may not delegate or exercise proxy votes. During a Living Cosâ month, the Senäts shall vote normally (as specified in Section 2 of Article IX), except that senators must submit their votes to the Secretary of State by the time of the final tally specified in Section 5 above.

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Matáiwos Nanamavéu (MC, RUMP)

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