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45RZ1, The 45th Cosa Budget Act


Ziu 45th Clark 1st
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WHEREAS Talossan Statute 38RZ15, Section 4 states that “the Prime Minister shall be required to submit to the Ziu, as a government bill, and in time for consideration by the second Clark of the Cosa, a detailed budget listing all planned expenses of the government through the current Cosa, specifying the amounts to be requisitioned for each Cabinet Ministry and the purpose of each such expense.”

WHEREAS I have now completed my assessment of the Budgetary Requirements of each of the Ministries,

WHEREAS the current balance of the Royal Treasury stands at 559¤46 ($839.65),

WHEREAS while it is not envisioned that all Ministries or offices of the Royal Household will be spending money this Cosa term, I am bound to “take care to ensure that the budget presented will be sufficient to provide for all expenses of the government of the Kingdom of Talossa until the next budget shall be presented, during the subsequent Cosa”, and have accordingly made small allocations to cover potential small unforeseen expenses,

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Ziu that:

Section 1: Allocations

A) The Ministry of Home Affairs shall be allocated a budget of ℓ60 ($90) to support requests by provinces for funds.

B) The Ministry of Stuff shall be allocated a budget, not to exceed ℓ30 ($45), to cover a trial program of advertising.

C) The Royal Treasury shall be allocated a budget, not to exceed ℓ20 ($30), to cover potential registration of Talossa as an entity under US law.

D) The Ministry of Finance shall be allocated a budget as follows:

ℓ40 ($60) for the purchase of a silver-haired wig of reasonable quality, to complete the purchases for 38RZ3, The Shiny Objects Act.

All funds that the ministry may raise through Kickstarter or similar funding methods, to be used in the production of 5,000 Talossan coins with a face value of ℓ1 each, for a total face value of ℓ5,000 ($7,500).
Up to ℓ320 ($480) in supplemental funding for the production of 5,000 Talossan coins with a face value of ℓ1 each, for a total face value of ℓ5,000 ($7,500).

ℓ40 ($60) to support requests by other ministries and/or offices of the Royal Household for expenses not specifically budgeted, such disbursments to any single such ministry or office to not exceed ℓ10 ($15)

Section 2: All other Government Agencies, Bureaus, and offices, formed or to be formed are allocated no funds and must apply to their parent ministry for any funding.

Section 3: Details of any project which monies from the above allocations will be spent will be publicly published, along with estimated costs, not less than two weeks before the actual purchase is made. Monies not allocated above shall be retained in the central fund. For security and administration purposes, all allocated monies shall remain in the central fund and, subject to approval by the Minister of Finance and provisions in this Act, may be drawn down on a case by case basis by each Minister.

Section 4: The investment policy of Talossa for this Cosa is to leave funds in the interest-bearing bank account that serves as the central fund.

Section 5: In accordance with Section 5 of Talossan Statute 38RZ15, the Government may later in this Cosa submit supplemental budgeting legislation for the approval of the Ziu. If the Kickstarter to fund coin production fails, such legislation shall be submitted.


The Men in Black II Act (38RZ15) is amended to include:

3. Spending Authority Removal At any time before an allocation is disbursed by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, members representing at least one-third of the Cosâ by seats may petition the government that such spending shall not be incurred until such issuance shall be ordered by an act of the Ziu. The Burgermeister of Inland Revenue shall be required to grant all such petitions until such time as an act of the Ziu restores the funding.

Uréu q’estadra sa,

Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva, Seneschal, representing His Majesty's government
Supported unanimously by the Cabinet

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