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43RZ12 — The Act of Oblivion

WHEREAS there seems to exist some doubt (in spite of the Statutes of Limitations) as to whether, should some participant in the so-called rebellion of 2004 become a Talossan citizen, he could be charged in the Talossan courts for things that happened back then, and

WHEREAS we want to remove any such doubt, since all that stuff should be forgiven and (except as a historical and academic exercise) forgotten, and

WHEREAS we want to promote friendship, cooperation, and goodwill as much as possible with members of the Talossan Republic, and

WHEREAS it's just the Right Thing to Do,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby enacts that

  1. No person shall be made to answer, or charged, or convicted, or punished for any action or failure to act, which action or failure took place during or before the year 2008 and was part of, or stemmed from, or had anything essentially to do with the "rebellion" of 2004 or the formation of the Talossan Republic.
  2. Any person attempting to compel anyone to answer legally for such action or failure to act will call down on his own head the Righteous Indignation of the Talossan people.

Urent q'estadra sa,

John, Regeu da Talossa
Ma Lord Hooligan (MC, RUMP)
Captain Sir Mick Preston, UrN (Senator, Maritiimi-Maxhestic)
Adm. T. M. Asmourescu (Senator, Benito)
Glüc da Dhi (Senator, Cézembre)
Flip Molinar (MC, PPT)

Scribe's Notes

  1. The importance of this measure to the ongoing process of Reunision was such that the members of the Ziu intentionally withheld all other acts from from appearing on the Second Clark, so that this measure could stand alone.

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