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36RZ10 — The Anti-Impostor and Liar Act

WHEREAS dishonest people may attempt to create multiple identities to apply for Talossan citizenship or to use as "sock puppets" in the Kingdom's internet forums; and

WHEREAS dishonest people may attempt to hijack the identities of real citizens to vote on their behalf or to make public comments in their guise; and

WHEREAS the current laws of the Kingdom do not expressly forbid such forms of dishonesty,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby enacts the following:

Clause 1. Except as provided in Clause 2, whoever does any of the following is guilty of a crime subject to punishment by banishment, revocation of citizenship, any combination of civil disabilities and any other authorized punishments as described in 35RZ34:
  1. Makes any fraudulent or dishonest claims or statements on his or her application for citizenship, including his or her claims or statements to the Cort, the Immigration Minister and any deputies of the minister or to Cosâ members.
  2. Uses another person's identity or uses an identity that creates the impression of another person to post or convey messages via email or on any public forum.
  3. Creates, for purposes of claiming citizenship or with the intent to deceive or mislead other Talossans, more than one identity for use in the Kingdom of Talossa, excepting name-changes that replace an earlier name previously held by the same person.
Clause 2. Officials of the Kingdom of Talossa who create or use false identities as a means to investigate suspicious citizenship applications or other activities involving fraudulent or misleading identities or statements may, if prosecuted under this act, claim exemption from the provisions of this act by demonstrating that any subterfuge employed met all of the following criteria:
  1. Was in response to a suspicious circumstance, as reasonably understood;
  2. Was reasonably expected to be effective in uncovering fraud; and,
  3. Was used only for a brief time and limited to discovering suspected fraud.
  4. Can demonstrate that Prime Minister authorized the subterfuge and that the Minister of Defence and the Uppermost Cort were informed of the subterfuge.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Danihél Lauriéir (MC, RUMP)

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