Law:The Lannister Act + Sense of the Ziu

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This law is currently

It amends the following:
El Lexhatx

Ziu 50th Clark 6th
Sponsored by: Glüc da Dhi

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 116 — CON 21 — AUS 18

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 4 — CON 2 — AUS 0

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50RZ31, The Lannister Act + Sense of the Ziu

Whereas His Majesty, King John has paid the cost of Talossan webhosting for more than a decade, and

Whereas Talossa owes its continued existence to these websites

Whereas the Ziu is immensely grateful to His Majesty for this major contribution to our nation, and

Whereas Talossa should not be completely dependent on a single person for its finances, and

Whereas it is about time we pay our fair share as a community, and

Whereas the legal status of official Talosan sites within Talossa might be unclear, and

Whereas the official sites of the Kingdom are and should be run by the democratically elected government, and

Whereas public spending does require some standard of accountability, and

Whereas A Lannister always pays his debts, now

Therefore the following sub-subsections shall be added to El Lexhatx D 2.10.:

"2.10.4. and are the property of the government and shall be run by the ministry of STUFF.
2.10.5 The Talossan Web Registrant is the officer within the Ministry of STUFF who acts as the domain name registrant of The Talossan Web Registrant can be appointed and dismissed by the Minister of STUFF.
2.10.6 The Talossan Web Registrant shall inform the government of any payments made towards domain registration and hosting of, and other government run websites.
2.10.7 The Ministry of STUFF shall reimburse the Talossan Web Registrant for any payments towards domain registration and hosting of and other government run websites no later than during the Third Clark of the next Cosa term provided the Ministry has been properly informed.",

Furthermore the following sub-subsection shall be added to El Lexhatx D 2.1.:

"2.1.6. The Budget as described in the above D 2.1.5. shall always include funds for re-imbursing the Talossan Web Registrant and others for any payments towards domain registration and hosting ot and other government run websites made during the previous Cosa term that were not re-imbursed during the previous Cosa term, provided that the government or the previous government has been informed about these payments properly and on time.",

In addition to the above the sub-subsections following the new sub-subsection D 2.1.6 are renumbered accordingly,

Furthermore it is the sense of the Ziu that its strong advice to the Minister of Stuff is to appoint King John as Talossan Web Registrant following the passage of this bill.

Uréu q'estadra så:

Glüc da Dhi (MC, MRPT - Minister of STUFF)