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45RZ16, The Live and Let Live Act

This bill FAILED to pass.

Ziu 45th Clark 4th
Sponsored by:

Cosa.png Cosa: FAILED
PER 78 — CON 66 — AUS 9

Senats.png Senäts: FAILED
PER 2 — CON 3 — AUS 0

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WHEREAS the noble words of the Organic Law proclaim that: “Liberty consists of any action which is not detrimental to others, and no right herein enumerated, or elsewhere recognised by the Cosâ, shall extend to anyone engaged in activities which injure, endanger, risk or compromise the physical health, privacy, or tranquility of other persons through the pretended exercise of said right.”; and

WHEREAS the Organic Law also stipulates that: “Talossa shall never tax nor purport to tax, unduly burden, outlaw or abridge for its citizens any right to acts of: peaceful assembly [...]”; and

WHEREAS Talossa, in the past, has involved itself too greatly in the dealings of its citizens with private recreational organizations patterning themselves on nation-states; and

WHEREAS we should strive for greater consistency in our dealing with such matters, and allow for the maximal liberty of our citizens; and

WHEREAS the convoluted nature of, and occasional rapid change of, international geopolitics suggests that the Government of Talossa should not be eternally constrained by statute concerning the types of governments with which it exchanges ambassadors and/or affords aid, friendship or protection: now

Be it therefore enacted by the Ziu as follows:

1. Repeal of micronation acts

(a) 37RZ2 The What's the Difference Act is repealed.

(b) 25RZ50 The “Semi-Permeable Wall Act” is repealed.

2. Creation of a blacklist

(a) The Government shall maintain a list (hereinafter referred to as “the blacklist”) of proscribed (hereinafter referred to as “blacklisted”) organizations, any changes to which must be publicly announced. The Government shall enumerate in the list organizations or societies which threaten the safety or tranquility of Talossa by any of the following actions

(i) promoting or threatening treason against Talossa
(ii) promoting or threatening violence against Talossans or the institutions of Talossa
(iii) engaging in speech which demonstrably incites violence or hate crimes

The Government shall make the aforementioned list available to the citizens of Talossa, shall provide a reason for the blacklisting of each organisation.

(b) It is a criminal act to belong to an organization on the blacklist, and constitutes a class A misdemeanor for a first offense, and a class I felony for a subsequent offense.

(c) The Government shall issue a warning and afford a citizen seven days to disaffiliate himself or herself from a blacklisted organization prior to initiating criminal proceedings.

(d) A prospective citizen belonging to an organization on the blacklist must demonstrate disaffiliation from the organization to the MInistry of Immigration before a Grant of Citizenship may be issued.

(e) The Ziu shall confirm or reject any addition to or removal from the blacklist.

(f) Talossan courts may remove organizations from the blacklist as part of a ruling.

3. Definition of a micronation and disclosure

(a) A “micronation” is hereby legally defined to be any society of persons (whether claiming territorial sovereignty or not) that:
- claims a governmental organization and citizenry and
- is not a member of the United Nations and
- is not a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization and
- is not the Kingdom of Talossa or a subdivision thereof, or officially recognised by the Kingdom of Talossa.

(b) All members of the Ziu, the Cabinet, the Uppermost Court, the Magistrate's Court, the Chancery or the Royal Treasury and the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar must report the following information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with all due celerity:

(i) All micronations of which he or she is a member.

(ii) All offices he or she holds in these micronations.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:

C. Carlüs Xheraltescu (MC, ZRT)
Miestrâ Schivâ (MC, ZRT)
Óïn Ursüm (MC, ZRT)
Munditenens Tresplet (MC, RUMP)
S:reu Iustì Canun (SRT-MA)
Glüc da Dhi (SRT-CZ)
Alèxandreu Soleiglhfred (MC, MRPT)

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