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This law is currently

It amends the following:
El Lexhatx, Title C

Ziu 46th Clark 4th
Sponsored by: Alexandreu Davinescu

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 177 — CON 0 — AUS 12

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 6 — CON 0 — AUS 0

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46RZ18, The Minor Bar Correction Act

Whereas I messed up and included a deprecated bill in el Lexhatx,

Therefore subsubparagraph 1.6.2 of Title C, which currently reads

The Uppermost Cort and the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar shall comprise the approving body of the Royal Talossan Bar, the Board of Admissions. If there is no such Chancellor, then the Board shall be comprised of the Uppermost Cort alone. No member of the Cort shall be allowed to serve as Chancellor, but all members of the Cort at the time of passage shall automatically be members of the Bar.

shall be struck from el Lexhatx.

And subsubparagraph 1.6.3 of Title C, which currently reads

Any candidate wishing to join the Bar must endure, to the Board's satisfaction, a set of interviews used to determine the candidate's worthiness. If the candidate is approved, he or she may begin practising law within the Kingdom after a two-week period, given in order to prepare the newly-approved candidate and the Bar itself.

shall be struck from el Lexhatx.

And subsubparagraph 1.6.4 of Title C, which currently reads

If a candidate does not pass the interviews to the satisfaction of the Board, then they may not re-apply for no less than one (1) calendar month. Upon completion of that month, they may apply again. There is no limit to the number of times a candidate may apply.

shall be struck from el Lexhatx.

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