Law:The No Spying on Talossans Act

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The No Spying on Talossans Act

Whereas a promiinent and seemingly permanent feature of Leftist government in Talossa is the practice of creating "Oversight Committees" to single out individual Talossans and subject them to vague persecutorial auras, and Whereas Talossans have a right to be free from invasion of their psychological well-being in this regard (Cov. 15), and Whereas a current "Ben Oversight Committee" exists at Dan Lorentz's behest only to serve to add the pretended force of law to Dan's and Jack's policy disagreements with Ben, Therefore the Cosâ hereby abolishes the Ben Oversight Committee and furthermore bans the Government from establishing "Oversight Committees" at all.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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